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Food at Picchio Nero Restaurant is not only an end, but a mean. As it is deeply rooted in the local traditions, the recipes proposed and hand made by chef Pino Golia will spoil you, but also reveal untold stories of the Pollino and its villages. Chef Pino Golia leverages its immense knowledge to adapt his creations to the clients. He takes great care in explaining each customer how that particular food, born in the heart of Italy’s largest national park, shaped its inhabitant and carries certain memories.

However, food at Picchio Nero is not only an experience, but also an unending pleasure.

Indulge yourself in the hearty hunter-forester tradition: a smoky mix of wild mushrooms, scamorza cheese and local prosciutto topped with an oozy poached organic egg or rich wild boar sauce over handmade pappardelle.

A must-try is local recipe ciambotta, lightly fried peperoni, organic vegetables and a sprinkle of local sausage, all mixed with creamy eggs and a touch of salt and pepper. Don’t be surprised if you have never heard of it. You won’t find it on many restaurant menus, but you can find versions of it in just about any home kitchen in Southern Italy. A true hidden treasure that chef Golia adapts according to the seasons. The ingredients, in fact, must always be fresh and organic.

Do not buy the cliché that Italians do not care about dessert. Chef Pino Golia takes great care in wrapping up his delicious and hearty dinners: vanilla panna cotta with deep-purple blackberry compote; apple-plum tart with cinnamon streusel; “cioccolato” mousse cake with chocolate ganache; and, of course, gelato, in glorious Italian flavors.

Even coffee has a special place at Picchio Nero. It is often said that in a time of hardship, Italians can lack many things, but their coffee is not one of them. Try by yourself the real espresso experience how it was envisioned in Southern Italy. A dense, dark espresso, arriving steaming hot in its thick porcelain cup on the white marble counter of the bar.

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